What you’ll love about Soul Stretch Christian Yoga

Each class offers:

  • Scripture & devotional meditation

  • Yoga Body Prayer postures for every skill level

  • Flowing yoga series set to inspiring Christian worship music

  • Relaxation and restorative prayer time

  • Outdoor classes in summer

  • Retreats!

A portion of your class fees go to supporting church programs. New students are welcome at any time!

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What to Bring

  • A “sticky” yoga mat

  • Stretchy, comfortable clothing (in layers – bottom layer: tighter fitting)

  • A blanket for¬†outdoor classes

  • An empty stomach

  • A prayerful attitude

  • As with any fitness program, please consult your physician to be sure this is right for you. But keep in mind, yoga is adaptable for every level of fitness.

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Fall series: The Good News According to John Sept. 30-Dec. 19

(Fall Part I Sept. 30-Nov. 7 & Fall Part II Nov. 11-Dec. 19)

New series begins immediately following and you may jump in at ANY time during ANY series.

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